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A-meri Dental Powder/Yatpro Dental Powder

Products of American Haien Group Inc




Whether the teeth are yellow, are sensitive to hot or cold, and gums are swelling and in pain due to periodontitis or tooth decay, A-meri Dental Powder can restore the dental health of these patients. In addition, it can prevent the teeth from falling out after a long period of time, stabilize loose teeth, and may enable regrowth ofnew teeth in the cavities. A-meri Dental Powder can also help remove bad breath and refresh the mouth with a pleasant scent.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, dental health problems are caused by an unbalanced internal status resulting from cold, humidity, dryness, fire, insect toxicity, seven emotions, internal injury, and nutritional imbalance, resulting in dysfunctional organs,and drug accumulation from blood stasis induced heat. Inventor Dr. En-Long Zhou has studied the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medicine for years, and has applied his inspirations with the Chinese principle that individuals should be treated and taken care of from the internal to the external in the creation of a brilliant path for patients to enjoy great oral health.


A-meri Dental Powder has a variety of effects. It can directly stimulate the gum cells, which is sufficient to suppress the activity of lesions and to regulate genes. These benefits to dental health from using A-meri Dental Powder are effective with short term use, and patients can be cured of their dental problems with no recurrence of symptoms when used in the long term.


A-meri Dental Powder has successfully benefitted thousands of patients who suffer from dental health problems. The results from the clinical trials greatly impressed the world and A-meri Dental Powder was awarded the International Gold Award in the 1st International United Chinese Medical Conference held in Germany in 2000. This is a great achievement by A-meri Dental Powder in the field of dentistry.


After normal brushing of teeth, apply a layer of A-meri Dental Powder entirely over the bristles of a damp toothbrush by lightly dipping the toothbrush into the powder. Brush thoroughly in a circular motion for 3 minutes, then rinse. Use A-meri Dental Powder after breakfast and dinner. Use of A-meri Dental Powder is free of risk, irritation free, toxicity free, and free of side effects.



Chen Xiang( agarwood, eaglewood(Aquilariasinensis(Lour.)Gilg)),She Xiang(musk), XI Xin( AsariHerba), Gao Ben(Ligusticumsinensis OLIV.,LigusticiRhizoma), Huo Xiang Ye(Patchouli, PogostemiHerba, Agastacherugosus, HerbaAgastaches), Gan Song(a nard; aspikenard)


100% natural herbal blends



Do not swallow. Drink plenty of water if swallowed. Do not use if pregnant or under 6 years of age. Keep reach out of children.



Store in a cool, dry place


Net Weight:



A-meri Dental Powder AAA (Regular)

Each jar lasts 2.5-3 months. From customers’ experience, loose teeth can regrow firmer after using 3 jars.


A-meri Dental Powder AAAAA

More concentrated, more effective, and shorter treatment time – new generation of the A-meri Dental Powder product

Each jar lasts 3 months. From customers’ experience, loose teeth can regrow firmer after using 1 jar.