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Still worried about the scar formation upon healing of skin cut?
Medlinkage’s Butylock Human Tissue Medical Adhesive is the best choice for scarless closure of skin cuts.

More & more doctors are using Medlinkage’s Butylock Human Tissue Medical Adhesive for suture of skin. Butylock is skin glue with excellent bacteria resistance. A thin layer is applied onto the skin wounds and keeps the skin in position for 5-7 days, then it falls off automatically. During the healing process, there is no need to change dressing, apply medication or other special treatments.

The main ingredient of Butylock is n-Butyl a-Cyanoacrylate. It forms a thin tough layer rapidly when it comes into contact with water or moisture.

Advantages of Medlinkage’s Butylock Human Tissue Medical Adhesive:

- Strong adhesive properties lead to rapid closure of the skin wound.

- This adhesive can provide effective closure of fresh skin surgical laceration and other fresh wounds in 10 to 15 seconds.

- Inhibits the growth of bacteria.

- The thin film formed by the adhesive blocks bacteria penetration, thus protecting cuts from infection.

- Patented applicator tip design provides easy dosage control.

After the applicator tip is attached, a single drop of adhesive can suture a wound of 2cm length by forming a thin and even layer. This layer is tough and flexible. It prevents water and bacteria from entering the wound. Patient can take a shower, however, soaking, rubbing and scratching of the wound area should be avoided.

- Application is easy and quick. No post-surgery stitches removal is required.

- Vacuum packed, and storage at room temperature is allowed.